Thursday, April 24, 2014

Upper Tallulah River Catesby's Trillium

Here is yesterday's trillium we found on the Upper Tallulah River near Tallulah River Campground. This is a Cateby's Trillium that was among several more on a steep slope. You may want to compare it to my previous post. While the flower here  is quite colorful it is often white.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nodding Trillium

Today's trillium I found on the road cut of the upper Tallulah River in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Rabun County, Georgia, USA. I believe it to be a Bent Trillium (Trillium Flexipes) because of the shape the braces. The flower itself nods below the whorl of leaves. Here I propped it up to show the flower better. Notice the smooth, oval-shaped edge of the pedal. The Catesby's Trillium I posted yesterday is similar except that the petals are wavy and recurved back. Also known as Nodding Trillium, the Bent Trillium antlers are supposed to be creamy white. These, however, are showing yellow in my photo which means I may need to do more research to make sure it is a Bent Trillium.— at Chattahoochee National Forest, Rabun County, Georgia.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painted Trillium 4-2014

Because of is colorful center the Painted Trillium is one of the main trilliums used for book & magazine covers, favorite photos, etc. It is a rather small trillium often overlooked by wildflower enthusiasts. Because of its dark leaves and small size it blends with its companion plants. So, be careful not to step on it or other plants in such places. The Painted Trillium may be found in most to the eastern states and Canada. While it isn't considered an Alabama flower, I wouldn't be surprised to find it in the North Alabama, Southern Appalachian Mountain. Kentucky, Michigan, New York and Ohio consider it threatened, endangered, exploitable (venerable) or endangered in that order. Like all other flowers in the national parks these trilliums are protected so, don't pick them (or step on them, or other flowers, just to get a picture). I make this point because I often find the soil beaten down around one last remaining flower because many people just have to plant themselves next to it to get a picture. This compacts the soil so, next year none may grow back.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Becky Branch Falls

After the recent rains Becky Branch Falls is flowing very nicely. It is a year-round falls but, the recent rain has made it even better. I took about 20 exposures of the falls that I will someday stitch together to create a photo of the whole falls in one picture top to bottom. That should be fun.

Vasey's Trilli

At Warwoman Dell the trilliums are not ready to bloom as yet. That is except for one Vasey's Trillium I did not photograph. It was well into the natural garden of trilliums and other wild plants and I was afraid my footsteps would degrade the garden. This is a Vasey's that was nearer the trail. As you can see the bloom is below the whorl of leaves and is a red or maroon color. The Vasey's is nearly as tall as the Large-flowered Trillium. The Large-flowered Trillium is our tallest trillium and has a white flower with a yellow center that blooms above the whorl of leaves. When in the forest take nothing but, pictures and leave nothing but, nothing! Please stay on established trails and leave the forest as you found it. Well, you can take the trash out that less caring people leave.


A member of the Araceae or Arum Family, Jack in the Pulpit isn't a Trillium.  Similar to trilliums it is a three leaved plant that usually grows where trillium grow. Today I found several at Warwoman Dell. 

Little Falls

Warwoman Dell is a favorite place to find trilliums in the spring. As usual I couldn't pass up the little waterfall at the end of the trail where the trillium grow. This year I found the Vaseys Trillium are still budding getting ready to bloom. It will be a good year to see Vaseys Trillium. I only found one in bloom and because is was at quite a distance into the bed of trilliums I decided not to venture into the area. Walking into it would have caused the ground to be compacted resulting in fewer trilliums next year. A bed of trillium is a place you don't even what to leave footprints.