Saturday, March 31, 2012


I spent today roaming Rabun County. Went to Black Rock Mountain and found some Sessile-flowered Trillium Trillium cuneatum along the road. These were blooming all along the Tennessee Rock Trail.

Then took a trip to the Tallulah Gorge Short Line Trail where I found several Catsbys Trillium just beginning to bloom. These you can find along the trail at the north parking area and here and there elsewhere along the Short Line Trail.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nantahala River

Last Sunday we took a drive with one of our children and his family to the Nantahala River in Bryson City, North Calolina. From the Nanahala Outdoor Center along the Nantahala River to the Wayah Road there were white trillium all along the way. We didn't stop to take photos but, this is a good time to travel that route if you want to enjoy them.

Warwoman Dell Picnic Area

We zipped out to Warwoman today. There are lots of trillium but, no trillium flowers, yet. Maybe a week away or just a few days. Still, this is a really nice place to take a short walk.

Betty's Creek and Mulberry Road

Finally, I am feeling better and hopefully will be out with my camera again. I was this morning. We took Mulberry Road in North Carolina which runs into Betty's Creek Road in Georgia on the way to Mountain Nature this morning. Sure enough we found trilliums blooming in the United States Forest Service area, still in the NC portion of the road.
Great White Trillium,Trillium grandiflorum

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black Rock Mountain State Park - Georgia USA

Black Rock Mountain State Park is open again after being closed all winter. I found this trillium on the Spring House Trail.

Last year Rabun County had several tornados that took out trees all over as it crossed diagonally across the county southeast to northwest. Along the Spring House Trail several trees were blown over in the botanically sensitive wild flower section. There are signs asking people to stay on the trail. When removing the trees it seems someone did not heed the message. There are track hoe tracks right over some of the most sensitive trillium areas. Fortunately, the trillium did not seem to be hurt by this and are quite abundant in the same tracks put there by the hoe.

This trillium is a Little Sweet Betsy Trillium Tillium cuneatum.  It is a mottled trillium that has an erect stem and blooms just above the whirl of leaves.

Smoky Mountains - Again!

Last night we did it again. Left the Mountain Nature around 4pm. Things had slowed for the afternoon so we headed out to do a bit of wild flowering. We decided to go into the Smokys after seeing some of the blooms last week we knew the time was here. We couldn't pull ourselves to stop on the way over toward Sugarlands. Jean had heard there were Bleeding Hearts blooming on the Little River Road. We didn't find any but, we did find loads of Trillium just about everywhere, as well as, other wild flowers. More on this later.

Sweet White Trillium Trillium simile. Notice the broad white petals with a dark purple ovary and cream colored stamen define it from other white trilliums. These are found now along the Little River Road.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Smoky Mountains

I was feeling a bit better last night about quitting time and Jean wanted to go wildflowering - in the Smokys. I knew I wouldn't have to walk much to find wildflowers so, I agreed to go. I really didn't expect to see many trilliums blooming since we were there just last Sunday. We didn't see many blooms that day. I was wrong.

On the Tennessee side near the Chimney Tops Picnic area we found Great White Trillium blooming and a little farther down we found lots of Yellow Trillium. So, now is the time to go trillium hunting in the Smoky Mountains. By tomorrow you should be able to find trillium on the North Carolina side near the Kephart Trail, the Kanati Trail and maybe the Collin's Creek Picnic area.

Get out there! You may want to try the Cove Hardwood Trail (pictured here) next to the Chimney Tops Picnic area.

Persistent Trillium

Yesterday, much to my dismay, we hiked down the Tallulah Gorge. I was sick with the remnants of some winter cold? Don't know but, it just about did me in climbing out of the gorge.

On the flipside, that is the south side, pardon the pun, we found the Persistent Trillium blooming. Knowing I wasn't feeling well I didn't carry my camera with me. Still I knew we might find them and I also knew I had a photo from previous years and you will see it here.

The Persistent Trillium, Trillium persistens grows only within 4 miles of Tallulah Gorge, a Georgia favorite. 

And, you can go see them right now. You will find them about half way up the stairs on the south side of Tallulah Gorge.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

US Hwy. 76, Mile Marker 24 in Rabun, County, Georgia, USA

It seems that this trillium doesn't mind growing on the roadside fill. There are lots of them here along the south side o US 76, Rabun County, Georgia, USA
Folks don't mind throwing their trash off the side here among the wild trilliums. Did they not learn anything in school!

Black Rock Mountain State Park

Black Rock Mountain State Park, Rabun County, Georgia is opening this weekend for spring. Just in time, too. As you can see the trillium up there are beginning to bloom. I took these photos just about an hour ago along the road that leads down to Black Rock Lake.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Warwoman Dell

I went to check out Warwoman Dell for any sign of trillium yesterday. Didn't find any. There were a few signs of spring as things were beginning to green up. What I did find was this Bloodroot pushing up a couple of flowers.

Warwoman Dell is a USFS picnic area just a few miles east of Clayton, Georgia on none other than Warwoman Road. Warwoman Dell is loaded with history from the Indian Chief Warwoman herself, to Bartram who traveled thru looking for wildflowers, to the never finished Blue Ridge Railroad and to the CCC camp and fish hatchery. Modern day people still make history there picnicing, hiking, birding and wildflowering at Warwoman Dell.

On February 28 we went searching for a White Lady Slipper someone had told us was seen that day out Overflow Creek Road. We didn't find it but, we did find this waterfall in the upper reaches of the Chattooga River. I don't know the name of this falls. You can drive right up to it. If you find it be careful. Both times I have visited I slipped on the mud trail leading to the falls.