Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweet White Trillium

There are still Sweet White Trillium (right) and Painted Trillium blooming along the Appalachian Trail on the way from New Found Gap to Charley's Bunion. Trilliums bloom in to June and I have often wondered where because they are usually gone at my favorite trillium hunting places by June. I guess since the AT is at around 5000 feet in elevation in the Smokys they must bloom later then at lower elevations.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Deep Gap Trilliums

Painted Trillium is still one of my favorites. We found this bed unexpectedly in Deep Gap where several species of trillium and other wildflowers are blooming right now. You can find more trilliums and nature scenes on my Facebook Trilliumtraveler page, too. I have several Facebook pages. Just look for Richard Edwin Hyatt and you can find them from there. This season Jean and I have found eleven species of trillium and some orchids and other wildflowers. It is a great time to get out with nature.