Friday, March 2, 2012

Warwoman Dell

I went to check out Warwoman Dell for any sign of trillium yesterday. Didn't find any. There were a few signs of spring as things were beginning to green up. What I did find was this Bloodroot pushing up a couple of flowers.

Warwoman Dell is a USFS picnic area just a few miles east of Clayton, Georgia on none other than Warwoman Road. Warwoman Dell is loaded with history from the Indian Chief Warwoman herself, to Bartram who traveled thru looking for wildflowers, to the never finished Blue Ridge Railroad and to the CCC camp and fish hatchery. Modern day people still make history there picnicing, hiking, birding and wildflowering at Warwoman Dell.

On February 28 we went searching for a White Lady Slipper someone had told us was seen that day out Overflow Creek Road. We didn't find it but, we did find this waterfall in the upper reaches of the Chattooga River. I don't know the name of this falls. You can drive right up to it. If you find it be careful. Both times I have visited I slipped on the mud trail leading to the falls.


  1. Am very familar with Warwoman Road. My Daddy has camped there for years. Once, when I had a little Volkswagon Rabbit, I drove up at night and I tried to get up that first hill to the campground and had to push the pedal to the floor to make it get up that hill, with gravel flying everywhere. The next morning, when I saw the steep drop off on either side, I almost fainted!
    More details on all the history, please!

    1. Ok, I will work on that history a bit later. There really is a lot there. Of course, as time goes on Warwoman Dell will have loads of trillium so, I will be visiting it several times this spring.