Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rabun Beach Campground Hike

Yesterday, from the Lake Rabun Beach Campground, Jean and I hiked to Angel Falls and on to Panther Falls. We have wanted to take this hike for some time. And now, it is trillium and wildflower season in Rabun County, Georgia, USA. At the beginning of the hike we found a blooming Catsby's Trillium. And, along the trail, we found many more trillium plants without flowers. Between Angel Falls and Panther Falls we came upon the Catsby's Trillium pictured here. That was it, there were not but a couple blooms along the trail. As we hiked the stream seemed to get dryer and dryer and it seemed we would find no water for a waterfalls. Fortunately, the rock formations of the falls spread the water evenly and made for a nice photo-op. This evening we had some large storms in the area. I expect these falls are roaring with water now. But, we were off on our next wildflower, trillium adventure by then. See more in my next post.

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