Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Traveler

     When I came up with the name Trillium Traveler I was looking for a name for this blog. I have another blog I use to write whatever is on my mind at the moment. But, Trillium Traveler has become more or less unused when the trilliums are not in bloom. While I can use old photos of trilliums or just write notes, I think it will be better to add the Traveler to this blog. I like to travel even more than I like trillium wildflowers. And, I can travel all year long. So, from now on you will find more photos of my travels on this blog along with the photos of trilliums when I choose to post time. It will be more of a trillium/traveler blog. Hope you will stay with me. Thanks.
     The Pecos River or Rio Pecos runs east of the Rio Grand and eventually into the Rio Grand well into Texas. Last fall we followed this road along the Pecos River in New Mexico until the river ran away from the road. As it looked, it could run on forever and we were on our way home. Upon this realization we turned around and headed back to Interstate 40 and points east.
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