Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trillium Toadshade sessile

It is almost time for the 2013 Trillium Season. Actually, I have seen my first for the year. Not yet blooming of course but, at the location in the Chattahoochee National forest where I found these last year. The location is on US Hwy. 76 just west of the Chattooga River in Rabun County, Georgia.

This garden is a mess. It is where careless people throw their trash out and it falls among the thriving trilliums. The highway brings people traveling north and south, east and west, thru the mountains to enjoy this beautiful place. A few don't care about the environment we live in and just toss aside whatever they do not want to keep. Here I have found old tires, diapers, beer cans and bottles, cola cans and bottles and just plain old trash. It is not just here. It is along our highways and back roads, in our local parks, state parks and National Parks. I am for beauty. Please, don't trash America.

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