Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painted Trillium 4-2014

Because of is colorful center the Painted Trillium is one of the main trilliums used for book & magazine covers, favorite photos, etc. It is a rather small trillium often overlooked by wildflower enthusiasts. Because of its dark leaves and small size it blends with its companion plants. So, be careful not to step on it or other plants in such places. The Painted Trillium may be found in most to the eastern states and Canada. While it isn't considered an Alabama flower, I wouldn't be surprised to find it in the North Alabama, Southern Appalachian Mountain. Kentucky, Michigan, New York and Ohio consider it threatened, endangered, exploitable (venerable) or endangered in that order. Like all other flowers in the national parks these trilliums are protected so, don't pick them (or step on them, or other flowers, just to get a picture). I make this point because I often find the soil beaten down around one last remaining flower because many people just have to plant themselves next to it to get a picture. This compacts the soil so, next year none may grow back.

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