Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 First Trillium

Here is the first trillium I have found in 2012. Trilliums are divided into two groups, pedicellate and sissile trilliums. The pedicellate trillium has a pedicel (or stalk) above the whorl of three leaves. The sissile trillium has no pedical. The bud of a flower shown to the right is growing without a pedical making the trillium a member of the sissile group of trilliums.

At this point I am not sure what trillium this is. This is a learn as you go blog.

Relict Trillium trillium reliquum is one of the earliest to bloom in Georgia according to the Gulf South Research Corporation
Maybe it is a Confederate Wakerobin;

It would be interesting to go back in a week or two and check what color the flower is and how it has changed. Maybe it would be easier to identify.

Follow my blog, more to come!

I found this Trillium along the trail and just below Amicalola Falls at Amicalola State Park, Georgia.

Here is a site of a friend of mine, Terry Guthrie. Terry is a photographer and likes to photograph nature. You will find Trillium photos here, as well as, other wildflowers.!i=552044155&k=ou3Sy

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