Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photographers say, "The best camera is the one you have." I'll expand on this thought later. Get out there and take some pictures, now today, with the camera you have! Want to shoot pictures of trillium when there aren't any trillium blooming. Just get out and photograph whatever you can that will be similar to a trillium. That way when they are blooming you will know how to shoot them! This is a good rainy day to shoot Daffodils. Think I will try that myself. Don't forget your tripod.  Don't want to get out in the rain? That's just silly.

You could always edit the photos you have, like I have on last years fall leaves. It is a good learning tool. What is the best editor? Hee, he, he, the one you have! Don't have one? Google one for free! Just go to and enter "photo editor free" into the search box and viola a whole slew of them will pop, yours for the taking.

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