Saturday, February 4, 2012

Faux Trillium

So, the trillium are not blooming yet. Still, I want to get out and take some pictures. What is blooming are daffodils. I used my Nikon D80 with a 55 - 200 mm lens to illustrate it that a telephoto lens can be used effectively to photograph wildflowers like trillium. I set the lens at f4.5, 1/200 of a second and used an ISO of 400. It was rainy and wet so, the light was not that bright. I needed a fast shutter speed to keep the wind from blurring the photo. And, a wide open lens to blur the background. The high ISO and the wide open lens also allowed for enough light to make a good photo. In addition to keeping the flowers from showing movement in the wind the high shutter speed kept the camera shake down enough to hand hold the camera. That is, it was wet and I did not feel like using a tripod and getting the camera, and me, all wet. Remember the best camera is the one you have. This is the best one I have for photographing faux trillium. Here are a few tips for your wildflower photography.

1. Practice before it is time to go it is time to do your photo shoot. It helps to know what you are doing before you get to the real thing. 
2. A wide open aperture (lens opening) allows for blurring the background and foreground and lets more light into the camera. 
3. A higher ISO shortens the time the lens shutter must be open to let in sufficient light on overcast days or in the shade. 
4. A fast shutter speed reduces camera shake and reduces the effect of movement of the subject being photographed. 
5. If you can go out early to shoot before the wind picks up.

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